4 Ways to Find Top Selling Items on Amazon

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How to Can you Find Best Selling Products on Amazon?
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Selling stuff on Amazon can earn you a significant amount of money. However, not every person who ventures into this kind of business is successful. The differentiating factor between those who mint money selling on Amazon and those that don't is the effort they put into researching on the best selling items on Amazon.

Essentially, the product you decide to sell on Amazon forms an integral part of your business - it is what determines whether you make money or not. 

How to Can you Find Best Selling Products on Amazon?

Finding most sold items on Amazon is not as difficult as it sounds. There are several things you can do to know which products sell fast and which ones don't. Here are some of them: 

Know what Makes Products Profitable

Amazon provides sellers with a wide range of information about product and market trends on its best selling products section. This information can be useful in helping you identify top selling Amazon products. Games, Health, Books , Electronics.

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Some indicators that enable you to determine whether a product is a best seller on Amazon or not include: 

  • Shipping Weight and Cost 
  • Product Category
  • Popularity of the Product
  • Amazon Seller Fees
  • Wholesale Price

When picking products to sell on Amazon, opt for those that: 

  • Have a wholesale price of between 25% and 35% of your selling price
  • Are lightweight - ideally weigh between 2 and 3 lbs when packed
  • You can sell at a price of between $10 and $50
  • Are sturdy enough to minimize risk of damage 
  • Are of quality than those offered by your competitors
  • Buyers can use throughout the years 

Consider Product Competition 

To earn money on Amazon, you need to find items that are competitively priced, have high demand, are easy to source and can be shipped with ease. Here are some tips to help you find items that meet these aspects:

  • Check how many searches are conducted using product keywords each month and opt for those that register less than 10,000 searches per month 
  • Consider products that have a Best-Seller Rank of less than 5000
  • Pick items that are not being sold by Amazon sellers and major brands 
  • Go for products that buyers can search using multiple keywords and product categories
  • Pick items whose similar listings have more than 50 reviews

Check what other People are Selling 

On Amazon, small scale sellers earn more by carving their own niche. Some unique niches that these sellers focus on that help them reduce competition from Amazon and other big brands include handmade items and custom jewelry products.

One way to know what other people are selling on Amazon is to pay attention to the up-selling features on the site. One place where you can find information on similar products that people are selling is the section on recommended products that is located just below the product description.

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Review Amazon Product Listings

Amazon product listings have a wide range of information that can help you determine whether a product is a best seller or not. The information you should pay attention when reviewing listings of products that you are considering to sell, pay attention on the price, product information, customer reviews and the Best Seller Rank. 

In terms of the price, opt for products that have a price tag of between $10 and $50. On the product information, pay attention to the dimensions of the product and its weight. This information enables you to determine whether you will be able to save on shipping costs or not. It also enables you to know whether the product can be used for at least a year. The Best Seller Rank helps you to see how the product ranks and the category that it is listed in. Ideally, the lower the seller rank the better - keep off products that have a seller ranks above 5000.  

Looking at customer review information helps you determine the demand a product has in the market. The higher the number of reviews, the better. Avoid products that have less than 500 reviews. Few reviews means the product may not be well trusted by customers. 

Final Thoughts

Identifying products top selling items on Amazon is the key to running a successful business on Amazon. If you launch an e-commerce business without having a good understanding of the most sold items on Amazon , you risk spending money on marketing campaigns and getting very little. This is because you are likely to pick products that have little demand. Before you start an Amazon business, use the strategies discussed above to identify top selling Amazon products and put your business on the path to success.