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posted on 20, 4, 29 11:12
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One of the things that can make you believe that a product is worth inclusion in your product listing is its customer reviews. Sellers on Amazon know that reviews are one of the ways your product can rank highly in its category. Some have come up with scrupulous means of concocting reviews and end up making most customers believe that a product is worth or not worth a purchase. The thing is that some sellers may hire people to concoct false reviews that may hurt your product and brand. Luckily, as a seller, you can use an Amazon review checker to validate the authenticity of reviews on your products and fix them. Here, we will talk about some of the best review checkers you may consider.

AMZ Finder

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This tool easily identifies when there is a negative review about your product, whether it is a real review, and if it is, you get to settle the problem with the customer. AMZ works by correlating the reviews against the orders the buyer made. What may follow is that you could to the customer so that they retract their negative review. AMZ's interface is outstanding and works speedily such that at the end of the day, you have a report of reviews of orders about the product. Its timeliness allows you to handle any issues with the customer on time.


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This tool can work on different online vendor sites. You can use it to verify reviews on Google, authenticate reviews on iTunes, and in our case, Amazon. Also, know as Appbot, this review checker works by first grouping the reviews into the respective custom categories. Its search capability is quite flexible because it pulls all the reviews of products from your listing into a single, making its review analysis process quicker. The kicker is that Appbot will always know when there is a negative review. The tool does this by giving you options to get an alert of a review any time there is a change in the review volume. Moreover, when the star rating changes or when a review sentiment has been made.


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Foremost, ReviewMeta is cost-free. The tool cannot only be used by you but also by consumers who have to check the authenticity of a review before believing its true and purchasing the product. This fake review spotter will scan through product reviews. It will, then, determine fake and negative reviews targeted at harming the reputation of your product, service, or brand. ReviewMeta usually does this by using the statistical approaches that calculate variance in the inconsistencies of your review ratings. Once the data is analyzed, the tool will generate a report, and you will find it quite easy to decipher.


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This tool that also exists as a product research engine, handles reviews on Amazon. CamelCamelCamel will not only tell you whether a review is authentic but also product price movements and even notify every time there are price declines.

Now that you are aware of the tools that can help check reviews, you may also want to know how you could manually identify when the review is a fake. We have shared some of those ways here.

  • Check Whether Buyer Is Verified - Just like tools for checking reviews, you can check reviews Amazon by paying attention to whether the reviewer indeed bought the product. Usually, Amazon will indicate beside the review whether it is from the buyer of the product.
  • Pay Attention To The Length Of The Review - Check whether the reviewer has done more than one review. If the reviewer has done many of them in a day, then they may be a fake review. If the reviewer has a badge indicating they are a top contributor, then you could trust the review.

Once you have checked the review and identified whether it is fake or negative, manually or with a fake review finder , there are two ways to deal with the review. One way is by talking to the customer to remove the review. Another way is by requesting Amazon to remove the review.


By now, you have an idea of the top Amazon review checkers. You know how to do a fake review spot and even how you can deal with a fake or a negative review. All you need is to choose one of your own and use it to make your Amazon business more profitable.