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Connection Request overview:
LinkedIn Connection Message: Always Start With Research
How To Craft A Perfect LinkedIn Connection Message: Research and Ideal Customer Profile
ICP – Ideal Customer Profile
Best Connection Message Templates:

Today will clear all confusion about connection messages and requests.

LinkedIn connection requests are straightforward, as you only need to write reasons for adding a particular person. Furthermore, your LinkedIn connection message should be personalized, and there should be a common ground, and you should not sound like a bot.

So, in this article, we will explain some key steps that you should consider before creating a connection message, so your requests don’t end up sounding like bot messages.

Connection Request overview:

If you’re talking with a person, you should have some common things.

But it’s not possible to have things in common with every prospect! Here are the answers:

  • No need to reach out to all LinkedIn users. You need to focus on your target audience.
  • Others appreciate it when you know what you want to talk about. Use clear and plain language, and don’t be chatbots.

If you know how to do proper audience research and implement the hacks given in this read, you won’t sound like chatbots.

Let’s start with audience research. The more you know and understand your audience, the more they will warm up to you.

LinkedIn Connection Message: Always Start With Research

To compose a gripping message, you need to perform research and learn about your target audience, according to Closely . Only then you can communicate with them appropriately.

Audience research is among the basics of communication and one of the most effective ways to “unfreeze your audience.” Similarly, it is the bedrock of your LinkedIn marketing and outreach campaign.

But still, not many understand or realize the importance of knowing the target audience? To some extent, this thing has become a buzzword that everyone ignores.

So, what is mean by researching your audience? Below is the answer:

How To Craft A Perfect LinkedIn Connection Message: Research and Ideal Customer Profile

Suppose you want to communicate with the users in your industry (for example, you want to design a CRM focusing on email management), and you want to connect executives of SaaS companies.

At the start, you need to do an initial search.

Keep the filters broad and use your personal LinkedIn account for this purpose. For a more targeted or specific search, you can use a LinkedIn Sales Navigator .

So, for initial search, visit your  LinkedIn account > Networks > Connections > Search with filters .

Now check the boxes with 2d and 3d connections to track the users outside of your network.

Select all filters and then specify your search criteria.

Move down to Industry and click on the  “Add Industry”  button.

Put in  “Information Technology and services”  remember, we were looking for SaaS executives.

Specify Your Location:  You can also shortlist the results via a city; however, you will need a premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do so. Hence, it is better to use broad search filters such as the United States.

  • Now, click on the  “Show results ” button.
  • Now, let’s looks at top profiles.
  • At our end, we have a CEO of Pager Duty, Ms. Jennifer.

You can also visit their official website to find more details about them and how they set on-call schedules.

What else you see in the profile?

Scroll down, and you will find more details about the user, like her educational background and other activities.

So, by looking at the LinkedIn profile of Jennifer, we can say that she is a proactive lady with leadership skills. You can also know user’s hobbies in their profile.

Let’s suppose you analyzed 20 LinkedIn profiles, and PagerDuty looks like a perfect company that you can reach out to, or you feel that it is the company that might be interested in your services.

Moreover, the next step is to collect as much information as you can about the company, their objectives, and challenges. You can also visit their company’s blog for this purpose.

Now you might be thinking about how many blog posts you should read to get a clear picture of what your prospects are up to recently. And if you want to automate your outreach campaign .

At this stage, ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) comes into the picture.

ICP – Ideal Customer Profile

Idea Customer Profile includes a picture of your ideal consumer that you use to segment your audience. This is helpful when you want to create different campaigns for various groups of users, and you want those campaigns to be personalized.

An ideal customer profile (ICP) will help you to shortlist your search by using targeted filtering . This saves your time and effort, and no need to analyze each prospect’s profiles because you will have a common ground to start a conversation as per your ICP.

How to create an Ideal Customer Profile?

Consider these factors when creating an ICP:

Business factors:

  • Business size by employees
  • Business revenue
  • Industry
  • Geography

Demographic factors:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Job Title

Psychographic factors:

  • Lifestyle
  • Aims
  • Challenges
  • Success metrics

Geographic factors:

  • Country
  • City
  • Area

Review and examine each of them to find which one fits your ideal customer profile.

Now here is your ICP. Hence you create your campaigns by targeting this specific group of people.

Best Connection Message Templates:

Now, let’s review some LinkedIn connection message templates that you can use to target a specific group of people as per your ICP.

Common ground: Job title

Hi {first_name},

I am working as a CEO at {business name}. Always looking for more front-runners in {industry} to add to my LinkedIn network . Would love to chat and connect!

{your_name} .

See, this message is not sent by a bot.

Common ground: University

Hello {first_name},

I see that you recently graduated from my university, {university name}. I’m a {job specialty} and excited to connect with you and want to read more about your job. If you have a spare time, I would love to meet up for a tea or coffee.

{your name}.

Common ground: City and job title

Hey, {first_name},

I hope everything is fine in {city name}.

Looking at your LinkedIn profile, it seems that you are on top of your leadership game at {organization name}. You are doing the job there.

I would love to meet you!


Common ground: Both are followers of the same influencer, with the same challenges.

“Hi {first_name}, 

Saw you also love and follow the  {name_of_the_influencer} .

I found his recent post about {post’s subject} extremely useful, especially if you are dealing with  {name_of_the_challenge}.

Would love to hear from you.


Common ground: Mutual group

“Hello {first_name}, 

I noticed your LinkedIn profile and wanted to chat as I noticed we both are members of the  {group’s name} .

Looking forward to hear from you.


Common ground: Engagement into the viral post

“Hi {first_name},

I saw your comments on the inspiring post from  {author name}.

I think he is an awesome person and a top influencer.

Would love to hear your thoughts about the post as well.




LinkedIn is an intimate place, but at the same time, it is a private universe. In order to be greeted, you should communicate with them in their language in a friendly and charming way.

That’s why you need to think about making an ideal customer profile is crucial, especially when you are clear about your audience’s interests. When it comes to LinkedIn connection messages, the more specifically you’ve segmented your target audience, the higher your connection request acceptance rate will be.

Lastly, feel free to use the above-mentioned LinkedIn connection message templates when sending a connection request and say goodbye to low reply rates.