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Fortunately, Jump Send and all its features are now "Launch" by the Jungle Scout software. In other words, it has merged with Jungle Scout on May 22, 2019. Its features and sues are known as Jungle Scout Launch .

Since Amazon is a very large website, it has become difficult for sellers to track their products regularly. In addition, sales need reviews to increase profit margins.

How doe sellers do this? They need powerful and easy-to-use software to solve the problem. Jump Send proves to be the solution. Before we go deeper into the function of Jump Send for your Amazon selling business, further help on obtaining Amazon reviews can be found on IO Scout Amazon FBA tools platform. Offering Amazon FBA sellers a budget-friendly all-in-one solution, with the added bonus of a Personal Assistant to answer all your questions!

What is JumpSend?

Jump Send is based on the same principles and features of both Chrome Extension and Jungle Scout. JupmSend reviews are very important for sellers who would like to get five-star reviews and increase their sales. The software also offers a significant solution to sales.

Jump Send always issues distribution and discount coupons to its users. Such coupons are a helpful way for retailers to attract more purchasers and get high profit margins. 

It is a tool and marketplace with over 100,000 Amazon shoppers, mainly from USA and UK. Its role is to give the sellers the opportunity to promote their products to all those shoppers.

jumpsend amazon

JumpSend Features 

Now that you have known that JumpSend is an online app which offers reviews, products promotion, in addition to other services, let's recognize its features and to what extent it is useful. The feature list is long, but I mention just a few.

(1) It offers a large comprehensive market place

One of the most significant advantages of Jump Send app is that it offers a large marketplace for shoppers looking for products on Amazon. Once you have distributed your product on Jump Send, the product will reach more than 100,000 shoppers. 

(2) You will not need Amazon ads or social media

Advertising on Amazon or any social media tool could not guarantee promoting products to all shoppers. It may not increase sales, either. Jump Send solves this problem by promoting your products itself.

(3) Shoppers are familiar with using Amazon's tools   

Fortunately, Jump Send shoppers are familiar with using Amazon's renewable tools such as discount coupon and their codes. Amazon uses Jump Send to send discount codes to its buyers. Both retailers and buyers see it is a big advantage.

However, a problem may rise when a shopper does not know how to use the coupons. In this case, you might get a negative review. JumpSend review kicks increase your sales.

(4) It is the best way to enhance your sales ranking

JumpSend review is known for its ability to enhance sales ranking, which in turn increases customer demand. When a customer uploads a positive review giving the product a five-star evaluation, other customers are attracted to it. This also increases organic sales.  

(5) Customer Service Feature

The central part of any business is customer service. All customers are always in need of after-sale service. Many sites like JumpSend compete with each other to provide unique customer service, and so do JumpSend systems.    

How to Use JumpSend?

JumpSend deals help you promote your products to all Amazon shoppers. You just create promotion codes to get your product launched on the site for all customers to notice.

Giveaway & Promotion

 The first step for you is to create a giveaway for your selected product.

  • Promotion URL : After you choose the product you have decided to prepare to sell, you will get an option to give URL.
  • Protection of your inventory : This step is to be taken when presenting a discounted product. Our advice to you is not exaggerate to make discounts. If you give a 90% discount on a product, customers will buy your inventory, and your profit margin will badly affected.
  • Shoppers' approval : The final step is to either approve customers who desire to purchase you product or let JumpSend approve them automatically.

Follow-up E-mail

Now comes the phase of launching the e-mail follow up campaign. Once you sold a product, you will start to send an e-mail. It is better to send the e-mail two or three days after the customer has received the product.

How is Launch Different from Jump Send?

Since JumpSend has emerged with Jungle Scout, their features grew in number and quality. Hence, the app offers retailers the opportunity to take advantages of the improved business premises.

The features that remain the same for the new Launch are both promotions and email campaigns. This means that all other features and possibilities changed.

Target Customers      

Jump Send has become accessible only for customers who can reach your promotions. In addition, more customers are able to search for the products they need easily and quickly. This means that the target audience circle has expanded.

International Marketplaces now set up e-mail campaigns

Jump Send was a means allocated to deal with only two marketplaces in USA and UK. This means that there was some sort of language restrictions. Now it is different. Globalization and the advent of the Internet make it possible for shoppers and retailers from other countries to access JumpSend.

You have become able to send automated e-mails to clients in Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, and some other countries as well as USA and UK. However, this can take place with e-mails only. Promotions are still limited to USA and UK.

Targeted Keyword URL is not available

JumpSend used to require subscribers to create URL with a new keyword in order for them to be able to promote their products. Nevertheless, Amazon decided to do without keywords.

When Jump Send announced emerging with Jungle Scout, the founders decided to also to do without keywords to comply with Amazon's new decision.

Upgraded Price Scheme

In contrast to the old version of JumpSpent which posed an unchanging pricing scheme, the new version offers a flexible pricing system. According to the new version, you can make use of the launch possibility as soon as you pay for it. The payment is made according to product limit.    

Furthermore, the number of orders, which your account receives every month, is used to calculate each pricing package that JumpSpend has posed. 

Security enhancement

Accessibility always constituted a point of weakness for Amazon retailers and shoppers. Thanks to Jump Send Launch transition, you can invite your customers to access your account having no worry about their privacy when entering their passwords. Now your customers can enter their financial information and personal data to access their account safely. 

Final Thoughts

JumpSend reviews are of great importance for you whether you are a new retailer of a professional one. Only one JumpSend review about your product can bring about many other reviews. If such reviews are positive, they can increase your sales, mounting your profit margin as much as you want.

That is one of the main advantages of Jump Send. Other great advantage is that you can register in its website need not to have a credit card unless you register for delivering or promoting a product.

Moreover, JumpSend has many amazing features including customer service. This service provides you with communication with customers, either after they purchase the product or after they have tried it. In the latter case, it will give them the opportunity to express their opinion on the product or write reviews about it.


Is there a free trial?

Yes. JumpSend gives new customers a 3-day free trial to with limited possibilities and features. Once you have finished your time, you are able to register. When you register, you will enjoy all the advantages and offers offered by the application, like any old customer. Moreover, you will get a bonus 1 month for free, and you will not need a credit card.   

Can I register my account on Jump Send website?

Yes, you can. You can link your Amazon Marketplace Web Service to any other available site like JumpSend. You will get full access to all features, including the promotion feature. Get access to the following link to register your account easily

How do I cancel my account?

You will not face any difficulty with cancelling your account. Just click the link at the end of our answer. This will help you cancel your account in order not to get charged for creating a new one.

At the end of that period, your subscription will expire. Write an e-mail to support@jumpsend.com to ask them to cancel your account.