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What is Jungle Scout? 
Jungle Scout Pricing
Jungle Scout Web App Vs. Chrome Extension
Jungle Scout Web App
Review of Jungle Scout Web Features
Jungle Scout Chrome Extension
Review of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

Finding out the right tools to use in your FBA business requires deep research and a good understanding of the market. These tools can significantly improve your business process and profit if adequately utilized. Jungle Scout is an outstanding tool that would assist in choosing sales items. 

What is Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout is a web-based tool that uses various Amazon metrics (seller rank, reviews, etc.) to estimate completed sales and possible opportunity niche market ranking, thereby providing a quality guide on what to sell.

You're liable to receive an in-depth analysis of results when you sort for a product on Amazon using the Jungle Scout. 

Jungle Scout Pricing

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension comes in two plans: a $97 Jungle Scout Extension Lite plan and a $197 Pro plan (each a one-time lifetime purchase). 

Jungle Scout Web App has three basic monthly plans – Startup ($39 /month), Standard ($69 /month), and Business ($99 /month).

Jungle Scout Web App Vs. Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout exists in 2 forms: A browser extension and a better in-depth web app accessible from any browser. The common discrepancy between these forms is their operational mode, and data points available from searches.

The Chrome extension shows greater flexibility. Also, it is more user-friendly than these app which is more detailed in its working processes. These are independent products, they are to be purchased each apiece. We’ll go into further detail below onw their functionality.

Jungle Scout Web App

jungle scout plans

Jungle Scout web app is a cloud-based package consisting of three distinct elements: Jungle Scout Product Database, Jungle Scout Product Tracker, and Niche Hunter. Jungle Scout aids high specificity of searches. This, in turn, reduces supposed search time. 

Review of Jungle Scout Web Features

Jungle Scout Product Database. It becomes possible to locate certain items with defined criteria as a function of this component. These criteria can be found in the Categories section. Items can be sort by appliances, kitchen, and dining, kids, etc. This also feature helps the analysis of products with likely huge maximum revenues. 

Product ranking analyses how many units of a product are sold daily; it could also be crucial in determining competition density. The last features are the Product Tier and Seller; they show you either regular or/and oversized items and let you decide the seller who completes the final order. 

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

This tool lets you keep track of sales in products you’re considering. It works by giving you timely data (daily number of sales, average price, etc.) on the sales rate of a product. After adding the products from the Jungle Scout Product Database, results will appear in about 3-4 days. This tool is vital in understanding the sales strategies of other sellers. 

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

This feature is a rediscover niches and keywords for new products quickly. You can filter your chosen niche by demand, competition, quality listing, and so on. In addition to its flexibility, Niche Hunter displays data from the top-selling products of that niche together with your search results immediately. It also has a feature that shows you keywords used by customers.

Other notable Jungle Scout features include Jungle Scout Estimator, Jungle Scout Sales Analysis, Jungle Scout Academy, Jungle Scout Launch, Jungle Scout Keyword Scout, Jungle Scout Supplier Database and Jungle Scout Sales Estimator. 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

jungle scout chrome extension lifetime

The Jungle Scout extension makes your product searches more seamless by working from the Chrome browser. It grants you direct access to product data like sellers ranking, monthly sales estimate, and average price from Amazon search pages while analyzing the competition density. 

Review of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

Seasonal Trends . This displays keyword trends spanning across months - years. 

FBA Fees . This shows you the Amazon fees for every product. 

Profit Calculator . This calculates your net profit. Dimensions and Weight. This shows you the difference in FBA fees across various weights and sizes of products. 

OverSize Indicator – Alerts you when a selected product might be oversized. 


Is Jungle Scout free?

No. Jungle Scout needs a monthly subscription and/or a lifetime fee. Although you can have a Jungle Scout trial period of 14 days. 

Can I use Jungle Scout on my phone? 

Yes. Jungle Scout can be used on any device, although a desktop is best. 

Does Jungle Scout have a free trial? 

Jungle Scout free trial is nonexistent, but you can have a refund within 14 days if you aren’t satisfied with the product. 

Can I cancel Jungle Scout? 

Yes. Jungle Scout can be canceled at any time. 

Does Jungle Scout have an app? 

No, Jungle Scout exists only as a web app and Chrome extension. 

How can I contact support? 

You can contact support by sending an email to support@Junglescout.com.

What is Jungle Scout used for?

Jungle Scout helps you access profitable hidden products you can sell on Amazon.