MerchantWords: Is It The Best Search Tool?

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what is merchantwords

Amazon sellers are always looking for a tool to keep their inventory in order to keep up with the market. They also need to get ahead of the intense competition and increase their sales.

Using regular search engines to search for the best competitive products that can be offered on the market has become unhelpful and could lead to some losses.

Now, providing advanced search tools has become one of Amazon's interests. One of these tools is Merchant Words.

What is MerchanWrods?

As an Amazon retailer, you cannot jump into your customers' minds and know what products and prices they are thinking about! Actually, this is what MerchantWords does for you. It gives you the total number of product searches on all Amazon's marketplaces, which helps you get to know which products are currently in high demand.

MerchantWords pricing

Amazon provides three MerchantWords plans; can choose one of them:

  1. Global (Europe, Canada, and Asia) plan: offers you infinite access to global data for $60 a month. For a year, you will pay $600.
  2. The United States plan: offers you limitless access only to U.S. data for $30 a month. For a year, you will pay &300.
  3. Other Amazon-supported countries plan: provides you an access to data from one of the other nine Amazon-supported countries for $15 per month. The yearly fee is $150.

These options give you the opportunity to choose the best plan that best suits your needs or where you work. Merchant Words discount is available annual subscriptions.

MerchantWords Services

All services that Amazon sellers will benefit from are entirely derived from the MerchantWaords data. They include the following:

  • More than 500 million products analyzed and documented.
  • About 1.5 billion taken from Amazon, then classified.

All the following services are available on Amazon to you to choose from.

Listing Advisor

If you are willing to create distinguished product listings to select the best product that sells best, then you should know how to use Merchant words and their superb service.

The shopper search experts bring their expertise to you with Listing Advisor . Each keyword you announce to use is strategically placed to boost your product's ranking in search. Here is how it works:

merchantwords com

Step 1

Experts review all the information. They get acquainted with your brand and product. Next, they match you directly with a writer who does well in the same market.

Step 2

Your expert writer researches Amazon keywords with special tools. They collect all the related data to know how shoppers are looking for your product.

Step 3

Experts construct your listing with SEO- friendly copy.

Step 4

They deliver your listing to you in less than 10 days to review and proceed into the Seller Central .

Step 5

After receiving your listing, you will receive a list of the most relevant keywords for your product.


This service is very useful and saves much time and effort. It allows you to create and store all different Amazon lists based on the search keyword. Below the search bar, all relative keywords appear to give you appropriate bases to decide on your required products.

merchant words coupon

Thousands of related keywords will appear on the screen to the extent that you might get confused. However, you can select the most relevant ones. Take it simple and easy, and don't overburden yourself, it is a very useful tool.

Classic Search

If you a brilliant seller who knows how the Amazon A 9 Algorithm works, then this wonderful tool will be very easy and helpful to you. With this instrument, your main keywords plays the important role. For instance, you enter the keyword "Potato Peeler".

merchant words free trial

Then, you wait just seconds to see the many possible related items that that match with yours. This way, you will be able to recognize almost all sellers' latest product trends. You will also be able to either create or generate your products designs. You will be inspired to choose the most appropriate product to be offered on all Amazon marketplaces.

Keyword Multiplier

Amazon intended to present this service to give sellers the ability to create related (synonymous) keywords in a very short period. It is very easy and simple to use. All what you should do is enter the required keyword to become a synonym in a few seconds.

how to use merchant words

In addition, in a few seconds, hundreds of results will pop up very clearly on the screen. During getting through them (or some of them), you can select the most appropriate ideas the tool is giving you.

According to the testimony of many sellers on Amazon, this service is very useful and extremely easy to use.

Page 1 Products

If you wish to save time when you do deep product research, then the Page 1 Products is a great solution. Suppose that you search for the keyword "potato peeler", this instrument will display all of the "page 1" listings that match up with this keyword on Amazon.

You know that if wish to do well with your new products; you should bear in your mind that your product must be on page 1. You know also that you need to beat the competition. Unfortunately, this service is available for American stores on Amazon. However, we wish it to have a worldwide availability very soon.

Asin Plus

Do most inspired sellers on Amazon use Asin Plus as the best keyword tool? Simply and obviously, the answer is "yes". Here is why.

MerchantWords ASIN Plus research tool provides helpful information on listings on the first page of search. This is based on using a product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (now known as ASIN).

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Using Asin Plus will get you to see all the product's reviews, ranking, rating position, best-seller category, and more. The data that this tool will give to you comes from all Amazon marketplaces, which makes you understand the competition well and prepare for it with your new product.

Final Thoughts

Now it has been proven to you that the MerchnatWords search services from Amazon can provide you with all the required data and thus you can prepare your product well to put on the market while you are satisfied. Nevertheless, some users claim that MarchantWords does not give them all of the required data, or give them some inaccurate insights.

Another issue is that some sellers prefer to use CamelCamelCamel as a better alternative to MerchnatWords. The former can be easily installed into the browser. However, this tool is still very useful for Amazon sellers.


Is my info safe?

We must be honest and clear about the security of the information you give when you MerchantWords. It is true that Amazon sellers have been using it since its launch in 20112 and almost no one has complained about the confidentiality of their data. However, the truth is that officials always mention that they are developing a special system for encryption.

Does MerchantWords have a free trial?

In the annual package, MerchantWords offers free subscription for some months. Yet, in case if you purchase one of the packages, you will be allowed to subscribe for two or more months. New subscribers can make use of this advantage.

Is MerchantWords reliable?

Most sellers see that MerchantWords is a good option for selling in all Amazon marketplaces. It can give you insights and helps you get new data related directly to your producted proposed to put on the market.